Fighting for Life

The healthcare community has seen a big push for pediatric advanced life support. The need and the demand for physicians to step up to the plate has been long gone.They’re many nurses as well as physicians who do not wish to participate in the resuscitation of the pediatric patient. Never the less, pediatric patient care is inevitable. A PALS certification course has been developed to help those medical professionals bridge the gap. However, they are many of those individuals who still refuse to participate in the pediatric advanced life support program. When a child is fighting for their life, they deserve a medical professional who is well trained in the resuscitation of a child, infant or neonate. Why else would anyone want to deliver lower than expected medical care. We are in the United States, which is one of the greatest nations on earth. Fighting for life has never been so difficult due to all the adequate healthcare professionals that are currently in the field of emergency medicine. Therefore, we are here in hopes of changing things for the betterment of all mankind as well as all the civilizations that are throughout the world.