Roof Leak

Water from My Ceiling

It’s most often that you notice a stain or drips of water from your ceiling after a rainstorm. Sometimes, you can even experience it during a perfectly clear day. A leaky ceiling is a destructive and an annoying problem to have in your own home. It can ruin any homeowner’s day to find out that there are leaks in their ceiling. The Atlanta Roofing Company can fix your leaking roof. That’s because leaks not only cause damage to the ceiling itself but it also brings damage to the other parts of your house. If left alone, it can lead to even more serious problems like rotting of the material in your ceiling and it can even extend to your walls which are seen as dampening or minor leaks.

What are the causes of leaks on your ceiling? Here are just a few reasons on why your ceiling has a leak:

Damaged Plumbing System
One of the most common reasons for ceiling leaks is faulty or damaged plumbing. This is especially true if you have a plumbing system wherein the pipes are running through the ceiling or the walls of your house. Once they get damaged or dislodged at their joints, they can cause leaks and water will seep through the ceiling. Before taking care of this, you first have to assess and locate where the damaged pipe is first. A roof repair is definitely in order as well. Use the stains as your guide in looking for the location of the leak and perform prompt repairs to prevent further damage.

Roof Repair

Roof Repair – Before and After Photo

Cracks, Gaps or Holes
This is especially true if your home has experienced a hailstorm. Huge chunks of hard solid ice strike your home. This can possibly damage your roof, go through the surface and cause dents, holes, gaps or cracks in the roof and let water seep in through those holes. During a rainstorm, water will definitely seep through those cracks and leak into your ceiling. Once your roof has been breached, water can seep through the small spaces of your home and widespread leaks can happen.

Clogged Gutters
The primary function of gutters is to divert and guide the flow of water on your roof towards the ground. This prevents collection of water on your roof. However, once you ignore cleaning your gutter, water remains collected on your roof. This leads to the seeping of water through the small spaces on your roof and eventually into your ceiling, later causing visible leaks in the interior of your home.