Providing Emergency Cardiac Care

The American Heart Association ACLS certification course is designed for those healthcare providers whose scope of practice requires them to participate in cardiac resuscitation. The airway portion of the program emphasizes the need to manage those patients in respiratory arrest as well. A bag valve mask is of great importance to say the least. With the need for personnel protective equipment being high on the list, the BVM will keep yo from having to provide mouth-to-mouth ventilation. Compressions are priceless because the heart has failed to pump blood. By compressing the chest, blood will be circulated throughout the systemic circulation.

Evidence based medicine has been in play for the past 35 years. Nursing agencies have been a strong proponent and an advocate for the AHA program. JACHO requires most hospital facilities to educate each of their RNs in the art of cardiac resuscitation. Saving lives has been a major priority throughout eternity. Those providing anesthesia services community have come to rely on the ACLS protocols to aid them in the treatment of the cardiac arrest patient.