Atlanta Medical Academy

The Atlanta Medical Academy is the proud sponsor of the new movie, “Medical Waste“. Our staff is responsible for all medical care rendered on the set of the show. In addition, the actors are excited about working with real paramedic as well as nurses. We hope to be in the final cut when production is complete.

Doctors of the new movie shoots a scene new the location of the Atlanta Medical Academy. Even one of our EMT students is an extra on the set of the movie. The medical care that is rendered is minor in nature in comparison to a real emergency room. The construction workers have been trained in basic life support for emergency situations as they arise.

Jay Land Records has booked the services of the Atlanta Medical Academy. We will be required to administer care to pediatric patients when accidents occur. The EMT supervisor is requesting we all be trained in the American Heart Association PALS certification course. Many of our medics are cross trained in ACLS as well as PALS.

The music and movie industry is rapidly recovering from the slow economy.  We have had a 230% increase in revenue due to the new business model. Not only do we cater to the general public, but to the commercial industry as well. If your company needs a course in any American Heart Association courses, please feel free to give us a call.

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